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Men's Cosmetics

​Most of my products are always stocked so expect that you will be receiving them shortly.  I package my beard pen and creams diffently for web orders verses retail stores.  If you have an questions prior to ordering then just email and I will answer them.  I use all the products I sell daily and  they work brilliantly.  That is what makes this company different.  The Beard Pen is a temporary coloring brush used to cover grey spots out of your beard.  It dries fast.  It colors quickly, thickens, moisturizes and makes your beard stand out.    100% Natural and won't cause any possible damage like dyes.



As you have probably noticed, men's cosmetics are one the fastest growing markets in the USA.  I am living proof that at 53, if you use the correct products, you can take years off your appearance.  I am also of the belief that a company that sells 200 men's products, rather than a few that really work, are just repackaging the same ingredients and calling it something that will appeal to the buyer.  I kept it to what I call "multiple-use products" that work.  They are of the "highest of quality" in the market.  For example, the Sports Mist.  I use it for after shave, to cool my body when I work out, (being it contains peppermint essential oil) headaches, and every night for stress relief.  I spray into the cup of my hand and breath it in, and the result is immediate.   The Shave Butter I use for shaving, facial and arm cream and hand cream.   Make sure you look at the ANTI-AGING products on this site.  They will change your life. The Neck Cream rids you of "mens turkey-neck", and the anti aging cream is a must for a man's face.  It works like magic.   We use ingredients that others charge 10 times the amount in their products.  Use these products and you will see results.





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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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