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Why My Products?

Only the purest ingredients create holistic remedies for







Why my products for your face and beard?  Trust me I asked myself that as I tested and used these for the last 4 years prior to releasing them to sell. I tweaked ingredients, got responses from top female experts on skin and scent.  I got many a gorgeous women that pay great detail to a man's scent, skin and texture to go on this journey with me.  Why women? Well they are the most detailed, picky, consciensous human beings on earth.  They know what works and what scents that attract them.  Grooming is crucial to a women.  If a man is not groomed and does not take care of his skin, the chances of him getting skin cancer is HIGH. The chances of him landing a great looking woman is LOW.


I used these products daily and that is where my love for them really came about.  I saw the results. I stopped dying my beard and developed The Beard Pen


Then came the Peppermint Sports/After Shave (my favorite and used by NBA, NFL, and GOLFERS for cooling, stress and Aftershave). I use this product for after shave cooling, cooling my body when heated, stress relief and headaches.  I keep 8oz. bottles of the mist on me at all times.  I spray it on 4 to 5 times daily.


There is not much money in shave butter unless you charge $60 and up for them.  I just developed this for myself and used it for years. It was so good that I worked hard at getting the cost down for consumers.  I was still using other Shave Butters to only find they lay on top of my skin and have no effect on my shave nor what is important, the moisturizing of my face after I shave.  I hired the very best "female" All Natural Cosmetic specialist (Barb Anderson) and I worked with her hourly each day to perfect my Shave Butter to the "T."  We did it in 10 months and after I sent five females home with bottles of it to test on their entire bodies, I knew I had a hit product. 


The Night & Neck Cream was developed to rid my "Fatty" neck line that men always get with a bit of age (sometimes in their late 20's and 30's) and it drove me crazy.  I won that battle with this cream.


The Deodorant was hard.  I tried several All Natural Deodorants with no success.  I wanted a paste like harder formula that aheres to the armpit and kept me smelling more natural.   Also,  I had over 25 skin tags from my store bought Deodorant so I asked Barb to make me a special blend that worked 24 hours.  Well after 12 months, no more skin tags and every day a women will comment, "what is that smell it's really nice."  Now we sell to women.


The Beard Oil is so good that NFL, NBA, PRO GOLFERS and Actors are buying this along with The Beard Pen.  The Beard Oil is becoming so popular I can barely keep it in stock as well as the Sports Mist, daily.   Well if they did not work and smell great, I don't think the Pro's would continue to buy them by the dozens.


Furthermore, I wanted to keep the price down.  On this journey I found that the products that I was purchasing to try and to test were:


A. Not all natural, if at all.

B. Not working

C. Not effective and not long lasting.

D. Way over priced.


So I stopped spending my money and started looking at older men and asking them what they used.  While in South Beach I met a driver that took to me to and from the airport. He was 64 years old and his skin was flawless yet he had lived in the sun all his life.  He told me what natural ingredients he was using.  I took those for my facial products, improved on them, replaced the chemicals with All Natural ingredients, and involved him as well in the testing. 


I quickly decided that including girls, men with great skin, improving your ideas and admitting that a product is not working or that you are wrong, is how you grow a great company.  I want this company to represent good looks and good feelings.  I love my results. I love my products, I hope you do as well.





                                                 CHRIS LIECK

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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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