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When your talking all natural and your talking face creams or body mists, you are normally talking big dollars. 

I see creams with less natural ingredients and really no effectiveness in retail stores selling on the low end for $45.00. 


So consider this.


1. My creams are made and mixed and tested by a partnering company that specializes in All Natural ingedients.


2. My products are only products that I personally use daily.


3. I normally find products by seeing the results. Meaning, I meet a guy from Mexico who is 63 and looks 30.  I ask what he does to his face. He tells me a cream. I get the ingredients send it to my natural cream experts and she tells me to ad or subtract all ingredients that are not effetive or harmful to the skin.

I refine the formula, involve women for opinions, testing and advice and re-test until I am 100% sure it works and is effective on my skin.


4. Men's skin is no different from womens.


5. Once it's damaged for good, there is no turning back.

6. My products work and the cost is the lowest on the market that are All Natural.


All Natural Products (in case you have not noticed)  are very expensive but this company is not based on how much money I make, it's goal is to offer great products that are All Natural for a reasonable fee.

On my journey the last 10 years of my life in the Music Business, I met some rather weathered souls.  All great people but their skin told the story of their lives.  I always have invested in my skin. In my mid-30's I started seeing grey spots in my beard and like everyone used a beard dye to cover them.  The problem was I was using these chemicals on my face twice to three times a month.  Well 10 years later I was seeing the damage and dryness of my skin. 

Immediately I started my quest to design a pen/brush much like women use daily for covering spots on their faces.

A few years later and after several attempts and mixtures I had my first Beard Pen.  After a year of using the pen I started offering it to Hollywood Make-Up artists and Sports Personalities.  Within one year I was selling them direct to their door for over $40 per pen. Remember I wanted All Natural ingredients.
That is really expensive.

After a few years I was getting my cost down substantially so I took a hard look at the very best ingredient and scent specialist in the country.  Funny enough it was upon accident I found Barb.  She was leading the way in organic formulations so the timing was perfect.  We hit if off and started on the quest to make the very best All Natural Men's Products in the world. I wanted a hand full of great products rather than 30 of the same.

I worked hourly with her and we looked and tried every top to bottom line competitor of Shave Butter, Beard Wax, Beard Sprays, Beard Oils, Moisturizers, and so on.

After two years we have what we consider to be the very best quailty and effective products in the market.  The Beard Pen is where it started but my Men's Products are the best in the market.
I can't say enough about how much these products we made have done for my skin, my confidence, my jaw and bone definition.  I know you will see the exact same results if you use them like I did religiously.  I know the importance of daily use and consistent use so I kept the prices low and at about one fifth of the cost of the  organic products that in my opionion are not near the quality of the product line that I have created.  As a man in my 50's I look better now than I did in my 30's.


God Bless

Chris Lieck

CEO: The Beard Pen

Chris Lieck's Men's Products.

The only animal test I have done is sprayed my sports mist on my two Golden Retriever in the 103 heat of Texas and they love it. They run to me when I pick up the bottle.  Dogs don't lie!



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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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