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Chris Lieck


from a dream to reality...

I am in the Music and Entertainment Industry and have been for 30 years.  I have worked on aritst's images and built companies off those images.  As I turned 50, I was back around younger and beautiful women so I started getting a great deal of compliments on my looks for my age.  Being I was around Hollywood for years and actors making themselves look good at all times, I started treating myself like a "star" as I did as a "rock artist" and "performer" in my Hollywood and MTV years.

  Men's cosmetics and cover-ups is becoming the fastest growing trends in the world.  That is because women are more picky than ever and so are buyers or clients that have the internet at their fingertips and many choices.   Pretty men make more money that is a fact.  Grooming and attention to a few simple things can change a persons perception about you.  Even later on you ruin that perception, it is a studied and proven fact,  that the initial visual never leaves the memory.  

Caring for my initial impresssions was of the upmost importance to my successes and clients spending their money on my companies.  Looks matter and men just don't get it when it comes to what women want.


I decided that my successes were based on about 10 products that I made for myself.  Of the ten products, 4 to 6 had direct effect on my looks immediately.  Beard, Neck, Face, Fingernails, and Smell.  I have decided to manufacture and perfect these products.  My first product was a hit underground on the internet "The Beard Pen."  I was so inindated with interest that I decided to mass manufacture the only true tempory fix for annoying gray hair on my beard. 


The beard defines your age.  Hair dyes are perfect for hair but beard dyes don't stick.  The reason, Beard hair is coarse and brittle.  It stays on for a few days fantastically and sometimes a few more before you start to see white hairs all over.  Furthermore the chemicals are harsh and age the skin dramactically.  


I hired a formulator and we came up with a make up dye that is basically water proof and that could be applied with a brush stick in a matter of 30 seconds.   I use it every day of my life now.  Girls take 2 hours to put on a face, what is wrong with my swiping a color on my beard and knocking off 20 years of my life.   It is a must have. Women, especially younger ones do not like grey hair on men.  In my 30's I noticed I started to have a few Grey hairs.  I was so conscious of this that I was dying my beard every three days. The Beard Stick changed my life.


Next up was my face cream.   I was in South Beach and met a 68 year-old man who's face looked like he was thirty.   We started talking and he told me what it was and how he made it.  I was amazed.   I reached out to the best ORGANIC manufacture in the country CCI and we put together a cream that will take years off your life.  I then tried this cream for 6 months and noticed a major change in my skin.   I was getting compliments all day long.  At first this cream was not going to be cheap.  I worked together with Barb at CCI and we finally came up with the answer.  After that we created what I feel will change the way a man looks, the TURKEY NECK CREAMThat dead skin under your neck or just fat underneath your neck.  I noticed about 50% less and more distinction in my neckline.  I was literally blown away and we now have brought this original formula to market. 


TRUST ME, BEARD, FACE and NECK matter to both women and the work place. I am proud to know that I use all of these products.  I am proud to only bring to market product that I wear, use and reuse daily.  That is why you don't see 30 products on my site. It is rare that 30 products work as they claim to.  These are the ones that work.



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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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