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Beard irritation is at an all time high due to all the products now focusing on beards that make money. Like I said, OUR MOTIVE is not to just make money. I love the fact that we test over and over our products and customize them based on customer feedback because we are a personal company.  I have issues with my beard itching all the time. I had my product designer test "ON MYSELF" over 20 testers of our beard oil and conditioner until it controlled my itching naturally and conditioned my beard.  I then had over 20 customers receive these products and tweaked them to all the needs and concerns they had.  Here is what I know to be factual.

Men sweat a lot, we use crappy soaps and so called all natural ones that are not natural at all. If you look you will find chemicals hidden in the small print or not even listed. 


Our Beard /Anti-itching oil is the best.  It works, it cleans, it conditions and it stops the build up on your beard.  Most products only do one of these things.  We addressed all of them. We took over one year to find the right ingredients. That is what CHRIS LIECK ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS is all about. 


           You will see the difference in three applications.







Bad Products
The best all Natrual Anti Itching Beard Oil.

Our top selling Beard Oil is all natural and contains special ingredients that truly stop the beard from itching, conditions the beard for long term care, and soothes the skin.  We don't need fancy packaging, rather, we want a product that works.  This oil is one of the fastest growing Beard Oils in the world.  

What is Beard Enhancement spray? 

It is a spray that conditions, positions and provides the beard with water protection, scent and cleaning.  Most all of our beard lovers purchase this product first. 

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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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