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   2 for 1

Removes the Gray in 20 Seconds
A must have for men.
(Our Products from the Hollywood Filmsets to your fingertips)
A Touch-Up brush/pen for men's beards.
Waterproof & applies in 20 seconds.
Beard Filler Pen - The Beard Pen




Watch Ceo Chris Lieck applying The Beard Pen.


Facts Men Should Read!

 A man's beard defines his age according

to 80% of women polled.


 Beard Dye does not adhere to beards and

is filled with harsh chemicals.


 Beard Dye does not keep up with the daily

growth of grey hair.


                   A youthful appearance is more inviting

                and 2015 is the year of "men's cosmetics."

Men, these are the facts and Chris Lieck's Mens

Products has the answers.

Best Beard Dye Pen



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Alternative to Just for Men

The Beard Pen is a specially formulated coloring brush/pen for men's beards.  It darkens the beard and removes the spotted grey with daily regrowth in 20 seconds. 


Just for Men beard dye is chemically harsh on your face and it washes out after a few showers.  

Beard Hair does not accept beard dye well because the hair is coarse unlike the hair on your head.  This touch-up brush/pen will make you look twenty years younger in 20 seconds.  

Watch our raw IPHONE video (unedited footage) and order yours now. 


You can also thicken your beard by 70%, thicken any accidentally shaved areas, as well as draw clean shave lines just like the professional barbers provide when tinting your beard. 

Watch our raw IPHONE video (unedited footage) and order yours now.

CL Mens Natural Products & The Beard Pen
CEO Chris Lieck
CL Mens Natural Products &

The Beard Pen:

Chris Lieck

"I don't need name cache' or hype, just give me great all natural products that work! 

I developed and produced products that I use daily.  Products I tested for years  that make a man like me in his 50's look like a man in his 30's.  After years of using harsh, useless expensive skin products, shave kits, dyes and countless other supposed skin "saviours," I realized that making my own that work was the answer. Those overpriced products  were no better than dollar shave cream and snake oils.

All natural totally effective products that work are what I have developed and you will see results in 90 days." 

CEO Chris Lieck


Natural Beard Coloring Products

CL Men's Naturals Cosmetic Products

9 Products that changed my life!

Natural Beard Coloring Brush
Singe Beard Pen - Alternatives to Just for Men Beard

Single Pen

(mailed in Velvet sleeve, double pens come in box.)


The reknown Beard Pen.  It covers your grey in 20 seconds.  It has a comb/brush attachment that is removable for grooming. It is all natural and is also used to thicken beard, tinting, and for covering over-shaved areas. Some men even use it to cover frontal hair loss daily.

Double Pen



4 fl. oz.



This spray keeps The Beard Pen formula

from streaking as well as moisturizes and

keeps your beard from smelling. It has a long lasting scent and will keep the beard (short or long) clean, neat and groomed. We highly recommend this in conjunction with The Beard Pen. Best results occur when using our beard comb/brush.


(supply last about 30 days)

"The very best Beard Oil in the market.  The refreshing manly smell lasts like 20 hours and the products is not oily like so many others.  I have coverted to Chris Lieck's Men's Products and I am a believer."


(Skin Tightener)

If you have fat, or loose flab under your neck,

this tightener is the answer.  Apply at

night and you will see your jaw line more

defined and what we call "TURKEY NECK"

reduce substantially.  Men don't realize that

women always describe "jaw lines."  Their

eyes are accustomed to it.  This is another

product that we sell to Hollywood make-up

artists.  You see this used by celebrities.

(supply last about 30 days)


2.0 fl. OZ


4 fl oz






"I carry three bottles of this mist with me

at all times. After I shave. I spray it on my face,

in my hands and then enhale the scent a few times

a day for immediate stress relief.  We used an

incredible mixture that refreshes and de-stresses.

Some people don't understand how Peppermint

changes the game for your body and your



I sell this in huge containers to sports teams that

spray this on their athletes during summer

camps to immediately cool their bodies and relax

their players.  It is my all time favorite product. 

I also use it for bug repellent and for headaches. 

I cannot say enough about this product."



                                                    CEO Chris Lieck










In South Beach with 104 degree heat using my

 Sports Mist.  "I have a bottle in my car,

 my office, my sports bag and gym bag as well as my bathroom. "



We have chosen Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for our Exclusively Formulated Products!

Argan oil in skin care is a Moroccan prized natural jewel and is considered "liquid gold"! The Moroccan oil is composed of a unique combination of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. It is also reported that Argan has the ability to encourage healthy skin and preservation by; fighting inflammation and free radical damage; helping to prevent UV radiation damage and wrinkles; protecting against moisture evaporation keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

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Touch-Up Brush/Pen for Men's Beards
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